Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Madonna: Round 2

Ok, this is a post from my best man Ody, I just decided to include it in my blog - this way you can have a referrence to my other previous comment on the Queen of Pop. I am now in Santa Fe bus station, uploading some stuf, waiting till 09:30 which is the time I can go to my new couchsurfing buddy... I'll keep you posted.

Matey Nice to hear from you "live" Didn't want to repeat what the others say, but the blog is kicking ass, and it's a spark of light and a smile on my face in the morning here on a different continent, time-zone but somewhat same life. I guess the following is not in sync with the current post but I’ll just put it here.

So let me tell you about the Madonna concert in Athens and I will not be as merciful as you! Total disappointment (my wife will completely disagree)It is not the Madonna I wanted to see, the Madonna I wanted to remember having ‘been there’ to see live. The Madonna I would tell my kids about on day. The Madonna that reminds me of my adolescence year’s , of my first shy dances on the sounds of Lucky Star and Crazy for You….The Madonna that simply brings us together even now after many years on the dancefloor with Like a Prayer and Into the Groove ……The Madonna of “Ciao Italia 1990 Live in Torino”This was a fully orchestrated marketing show, fully computerized, almost fully played-back, with a 55 year old woman on steroids who has still not found the real peace inside of her, and who needs to shout “I Can’t u hear you moth$#%ers” to her audience to get a lousy “Woua Woua”…….It was a freak Show, It was a night at the Circus…..I was looking all around me and could see vast amounts of entire families (grandparents, parents and kids) having come there to SEE Madonna ……….obviously the connection was never there....and I Admit that like most people there , I wanted to go and see her once in my life....but not like thatDon’t get me wrong, I know it could not be the Madonna of the 80s or the 90s for the obvious reason, nevertheless a concert’s reason of being is primarily to reward your audience, to give them a few hours of intimacy, to make them feel just a bit closer to you, to give them something they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives, something that cannot be packaged into a CD or the screen of your MP3 player.

So why did she completely screw up all 4 of the oldies she played, I did not want to hear a heavy metal version of Into the Groove or a gypsy version of La Isla Bonita ???All I was asking was for 4 original songs out of a two hour promotional set, of the real thing, All I was asking was a tiny piece of herself that I would keep with me for the rest of my life, for every time I would be again on the dance floor (with you) - I guess , all I was asking was a 30 minutes of time travel into the last 20 years ……. And those who have benn to a U2 or Depeche Mode concert, know very well what I mean…..

So there you have it, my personal experience is sort of detailed in the above, I hope you’re having the time of your life, by the read of it, you are, take care of yourself, and live the dream.

Hasta La Isla Bonita hermano

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