Monday, November 17, 2008

Goodbye magic land of OZ!

Having arrived at mysterious Wellington, and having already faced horizontal torrential rain, I am in the city enjoying a brief spell of sunshine!

(Where I am now: Melbourne Airport waiting to board QF37 to Wellington New Zealand)
What time is it: 17:50pm. What am I listening to: The lady next to me talking on her cell phone.)

Not enough time!

No regrets. Never. It was part of the deal and the extensive program I had planned before I even boarded the first plane to Argentina almost 2 months ago… But you can’t help realizing the immense size of this country/continent and the unlimited number of opportunities you have as a visitor. So many things to do, I feel I just touched the tip of an iceberg, there is so much hidden below, waiting to be discovered. I will be back. I promise it to you but most of all to myself. I don’t know when or how (maybe with my girlfriend or buddies, maybe with my kids on a road trip) but I will be back. Not to see all the things I haven’t seen this time – that would be impossible – but simply to share with the people I love this great, amazing adventure that is called the Land of OZ.

As I moved out of my hostel, backpack on my back (…) I walked down the quiet Sunday sunny streets of Melbourne thinking that this is a wonderful relaxed, laid-back place that asks to be discovered. I am happy for what I’ve seen but I would have liked to see more. I am not going to answer the key question “Sydney vs. Melbourne” (sorry Katerina) simply because it would be unfair to Melbourne but I think anyway I will always be biased for Sydney. That first day I go there and showed up at the Pier next to the Opera House, I don’t think I will ever forget.

Off to New Zealand, another mystic destination and practically the edge of the International date line (I will be seeing the new day come in before anyone in the world). I don’t know what to expect, I’ve stopped planning thoroughly my every day and that is good. In the limited time I have, I just try to go with the flow and so far I have been lucky. I guess I want to see some of the Maori culture, eat fish (surprise!) and just marvel at the amazing nature this country has. That’s pretty good for the next 12 days. It also looks like the last leg of my “solo” trip, I get to see familiar faces the moment I hit the coast of Japan. I will bungy jump and I will skydive. I just want you to know this since NZ is the capital of extreme “sports”. Mom I will tell you about it AFTER I’ve done it, that way you won’t worry  (and don’t call every day to ask – hihi).

Looking back here’s the top +10 things I loved about Australia… and a few regrets (as always not in order of importance)
- Locals’ wonderful hospitality and friendliness (including all the people that showed me around or offered a place to sleep)
- Diving in the great barrier reef
- Fish & chips and fish markets
- Great Ocean Road
- Daintree rainforest
- Opera House and Harbour bridge (& climb!)
- That little roof-pub we went with Katerina and the bloody Marys I had there.
- Ivi club on George St and the amazing Aussie girls there.s
- Parks, parks, parks and joggers everywhere!
- Koorie & Immigration museum in Melbourne
- All the cool cafes & bars/restaurants in Melbourne and the GREAT & cheap Asian food

- Not enough time (well yes a bit of a regret...!)
- Didn’t visit Uluru and Ayers Rock one of the Aborigines holy places and great Australian landmarks.
- Didn’t take that helicopter ride over the Great Ocean Road
- That I couldn’t make all the Pommies & Micks (English & Irish) under 25 disappear.
- That I didn’t meet “Voula” in Melbourne, the love of my life (although I did meet one –she was married with 2 kids)
- That I didn’t have a couple of good friends from back home to turn this into an amazing road trip

Next Stop Wellington, New Zealand!


George "Teriax" T. said...

The last regret, hopefully, will be taken care in Japan !!!


Keep on walking, we have 12 days !

Stoping writing... YEAAAAH RIGHT ! I will force you to write a book my friend, either you want it or not !!!! Society at large and your friends DEMAND IT !


Cyclades said...

glad to hear that u seem happy