Sunday, November 30, 2008

Big in Japan/ Photos (Day 67)

(Where am I: In Kaori's 2.5x10meter apartment in Chofu)

(What time is it: 111:15am, Sunday 30Nov, what am I listening to: Bossa 'n' Stones)

A photo is worth a thousand words, so here's my first book from Tokyo, Japan, the ultimate audio & visual candy place... Did I tell you about the food yet?

Kostas made it to Shinjuku station (apparently one of the busiest in the world)

Sure, I'll have a bit of everything - like I understand what I am eating or how much I am paying!


Dinner in TOKYO

Don't ask, just eat - Kaori ordering.... (thank God someone speaks Japanese)

City lights - Aussie hat (ok I took it off the next day)

City lights 2

City lights 3 - busy town!

Don't ask - I don't understand anyway

Poisonous Fugu fish - I am terrified - let's have one!

Ok, these are not sweets: This is Hello Kity and Snoopy dried seaweed (Nori) so the kids can eat with their rice!

A sucker for stories: The dog's name is Hachiko. So the story goes: He always used to meet his master at Shibuya train station (which is now one of the most popular meeting points in Tokyo). One day, his master died, so he (obviously) didn't show up. Hachiko, the loyal companion, was there waiting, forever...

People everywhere

Offical (un)Lonely Planet guide...

Cemetery, things are pretty quiet here...

Lunch time, note the little octapusses on the wall - thsi is fried balls with octapus pulp in them...nice

Prada temple - designed by Swiss architects (Lefka it's 5 floors... :-) )

Food heaven

Not a riot - just a normal pedestrian crossing

H&M queue... I am not kidding

Takeshima street, you have to see the T-shirt I bought!

Hello Kitty's message is clear: mind the closing door in the metro!

Lucky place...

More food, with Mikey

Perfect locations!

Of course we were there... :-)

Of course KAMIKAZE is the special tonight!

03:41 am - perfect weather for tomorrow says Kaori's mobile phone

Random Japanese dude...


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