Sunday, November 2, 2008

Goodbye Readers... for now (2nd of Nov -Day 39)

It was bound to happen at some point. First was Ody asking me about how I manage to post on this blog and whether it would be better to stop posting for a while. Then it was that very good email, you know one of those rare times when I shut uo and listen but there's no need to tell you more about all this, just that I have decided to stop posting for a while.

I don't know for how long but I do know why and it is time for it. Some that really "know me" will understand, the rest please show understanding. It might be for a week, it might be for the rest of the trip. No big drama here, jsut letting you know that Kostas Around The World is not to be part of your daily coffee routine at least for a while...

The plain truth is that there's something out there to be found and I need to look for it on my own. Without blog, email or facebook status updates.

I leave you here with some funny Sydney photos I've manged to get over the weekend.
Bye for now.


One of the best pieces in my new LEGO collection
A gift to the People of Sydney from Athens Mayor, Dimitris Avramopoulos...
The bank you can trust.. St George, with the cartoon Dragon
Summer is here, even for P&G brands and Miss Australia, Jen Hawkins
My kind of park - Sydney Botanical Gardens
Sydney Botanical Gardens
Please click and zoom in the detail on the rear wing: KOUKLA (incredible!)
Kostas comparing his beard with his new friend Koala Bill.
Sydney Harbour
Katerina in her car, getting lost again with or without her GPS :-)
Message over the Sydney bridge, one way to go
Detail from the big ANZAC (Australia-N.Zealand Army Corps) bridge
Fear not, Fed is not needed...! Just Faith!
On the other hand, for one hell of a haircut, go to Demon Barber. (Ari, you're on for 5 'oclock)
In case you need to chose lobster (the best of course is the one from New South Wales)
I just can't get enough: Lunch at the fish market
Kostas - Big Fish
Now read the signs, cause the Greeks own this side of the Fish market: Poulos, Androtis and De Costi (oh yes he's greek- I talked to him)
Fish everywhere...

Talk to all of you soon...


George "Teriax" T. said...

Shame shame shame...

Still it has been so far (because i believe you might write again) ABSOLUTELYFANTASTICUS !


C u in Tokyo man !!!

Mél Golay said...

I'll miss reading you! Take care and enjoy every minute of the rest of your trip! :-)