Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jump! Jump!! Day 57

Where am I: Rainbow Lodge - in Taupo - what date: Thu-20-Nov, what time is it: 19:25)

I am back. And I am alive. Not that I ever doubted it but it’s not everyday that you wake up, get on a plane fly up to 15,000 feet with a German tied on your back, and jump out of a plane doing a 60 second free fall. To make things a bit more interesting I got back to the hostel, had a sandwich with New Zealand feta (no comparison) and tomato and then jumped into a lake from a 47 meter platform on a bungy cord.

Enough for one day? Yes I think, I only need to meet a cute girl now and it’s probably the one of the most adrenaline rushed days of my life.

Bakerman, is baking bread….
I remember this video clip clearly – if you don’t know the song please go check it in You Tube. I remember watching it with my brother and laughing about the words. But that wasn’t the impressive part – the video made the difference. Tens of skydivers off a plane, into different formation, floating, moving, dancing…

Then you have the war movies. The airborne units jumpers, helmets and equipment, out of the plane’s door, into the blue sky (or pitch black night), parachutes opening one after the other, a line of puffy silk clouds slowly descending behind enemy lines. Even the Germans dropping into Crete looked fascinating in the photos I saw in the ANZAC memorial in Australia…

I always wanted to do this. Always dreamt of it and here I was, tied on to Albert Schuman, skydiving instructor with 9000 dives, telling me how to put my legs out into the open door and lean back as he propelled us both downwards into one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. Jumping from 15,000 feet is pretty high, it’s about 5km above the earth, my ears popping on the way up as the plane climbed and again as I dove into the great blue of lake Taupo. 200km/hour is the speed you reach on your freefall and it lasts for about 60 seconds – too short to realize what exactly is happening. A minute later, a cord is pulled, parachute opens and up you go – onto a beautiful controlled descend. What wonderful scenery, I have no words. Breathless from the speed (and some screaming) I just looked around, mountains, lake, great green fields on a perfect sunny day. “I am like a bird – I only fly away…” I thought… Perfect landing, on the run, no bum on the grass and it was all over in less than 5 minutes… Dream of a lifetime. Done. I will be doing it again.

Are you ready to jump, get ready to jump don’t ever look back now baby….
I went for a walk yesterday at Huka falls, apparently one of New Zealand’s most impressive water sights. A waterfall and crystal blue water roaring into WGHJK river, a truly beautiful site. I would be writing so much more about this place if I hadn’t been to Iguazu. Having seen Iguazu though made this waterfall look like my shower in Geneva. Nowhere near the volume of water, the speed or the hight of the flow. At least I had to earn the view of the waterfall, it was a 5km trek through a beautiful forest before you actually reached it.

The issue was the way back. I passed from the Taupo Bungy Jump site. Now this is not something should have done because having seen the place only made me think more about the jump. It is a wonderful place. A big platform extends over the river next to a vertical drop, rock walls on the side, 47 meters above the lake. I went there this afternoon.

“Hi I am the guy that skydives in the morning and bungy jumps in the afternoon”. I did it. I have the DVD to prove it and if only I knew they were filming me I would have left you guys a message. It was truly incredible. The rush is immense and these guys are so good, you can ask them to “dip you” in the water if you want. It was a hot day, so what the hell let’s go all the way. I ended up soaking my arms and hair in the beautiful lake water. (check the photo :-) )I am not the first person to bungy jump so I won’t bore you with the experience. It is an amazing rush – in some way more intense than skydiving because YOU need to make that last big step into the open air. One, two, three, BUNGY and off I went, face down, the lake coming closer and closer! I screamed… it was great I will do it again with my brother in South Africa.

Talk to you all soon – I dont have anymore credit on my phone - so please send me emails (if you want :-) )
Tomorrow I am going to do the Tongariro Mountainj crossing – for those that like the Lord of the Rings, this is Mount Doom…! Mommy, I am fine!


Amazing views at 15000ft.

Idiot, looking up (looking down is harder)


47 meters, I am halfway I think (spot the orange dot)


Getting back to Earth!


Christos Teriakidis said...

Ok, ok....let me remind you that your mom is also reading your blog, so i suggest you put the following headline on this article:
"Bungee and Skydiving: I am ok!!!"


Bravo Bravo!!!

You keep on impressing us with your adventurous trip!

Have fun and keep up the moods!!!
You are living a once in a lifetime experience! There is no space for things like- i am not in a good mood and so on :)

Georgios Teriakidis said...

Kostaki !

... 15,000ft ? Damn ! I only didi 10,000 :( Yours is sooo good since you have a nice view (grass, mountains- i had the desert !) and you are sooo bloody high you see the curvature of the earth !!!

As far as the bunjee jumping is concerned...Well I know my limits !!!


I will say again that the beard looks great (I might bring you a trimming machine however - it can get easily out of control!)

Keep on moving (mount Doom WILL look boring after the "adrelanine Day")...

Here today the weather is lovely - started with 10C and goes up to 18C with a beatiful sunshine and clear crispy air, thanks to the two days raining... From Saturday however we will have the PROPER winter...snow already visited certain mountains, earlier i might say that other years...

With a bit of luck, on the weekend i will be reading the blog from my flat... :)

odevoted said...

Yo Bro

there is no way you will ever get ME to either jump from a (flying) plane or a bridge! or anything higher than 10 feet for that matter...

I think it must be an amazing experience for those who dare try these things, but it's not worth the heart-attack that I'll surely have.

Having said I'm so happy that you're managing to fullfil these dreams of yours, one after the other! But remember! Life may be short, but with the right choices it can also be long, so keep some dreampowder in that little secret box of yours, and use it wisely when the moment comes, ie, ase to gomena research for another time dude!! :-)

filakia from the 2.43 of us!

ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ said...

are you sure that skydiving in the morning , bungy jumping in the afternoon , makes feel you in the night the need of meeting a cute girl;
If so, I’m ready to join you anywhere to do these things while you will ever get George to jump from anything higher than 10 feet.
odevoted, never say NEVER, because the truth is that life is in fact very short but as you say it can be long, I add also meaningful for those who dare to try things which fulfils their dreams.

VK said...

Man, you are nuts! That's the spirit!!! :-))

Anonymous said...

I cant think of what is next!!! And the problem is that you are doing them all together...

Let's see..

Kisses Dia