Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Exotic Macau - Day number.. who cares anymore?

I owed you this one I guess. I am in Phu Quoc island, sitting at a table 10 meters from the sea and the only thing preventing me to see the carpet of stars above my head is the light of my computer screen... So, I will keep it short. Enjoy Macau!

What is Macau? It is another SAR (Special Administrative Region) like Hong Kong that used to be a Portuguese colony - Portuguese and Chinese are the two official languages, making this place so interesting: So close to China but still with such a Portuguese influence... I've posted some Hong Kong photos as well


A day at the races - billions of USD each year are played on Hong Kong race track - we bet 10 Euros each... :-)

I bet for Triumph (obviously), he came in 6th!

Posing with Horsey at the entrance

Massive Gucci outdoor downtown Hong Kong

You get confused with bills? ALL these are 20 HK dollars


Of course the road is named after the famous Straight not a famous Greek!

Cool interior design: Toilet door at restaurant

Portuguese and Chinese. BANCO Tai Fung

A friendly game of I don't know what in the park.

Sweets:If you've been to Portugal (or Geneva...) you know what this is!

Famous Macau Landmark. St Paul's facade

Yes! I am also in Macau

They eat it, I wouldn't touch it. "Apparently the #1 souvenir to get from Macau"

Real stuff guys, no fakes


Macau fortress, the Portuguese were definitely here!

Cannon, overlooking the new (ugly) Hotel Casino GrandLisboa

Kostas loading the Macau cannons (now you try putting a 10sec timer and running 30m around the wall with tourists everywhere!)

Macau tower in the distance...

Macau museum - now here's how the word tea originated. If it's Cantonese it's CHA, if Fukinese it's TEA

BOM ANO NOVO - Portuguese and Chinese happy new year! Mega kitsch!

Macau street sunset

Macau wedding couple. The longest most beautiful hair I have ever seen...

A-Ma temple (I'll tell you the story another time)


Coils (not for mosquitoes but for insence)


Obviously, it's clear - you spit, you pay 600 fine

Reminds you of something? Macau tower is a taller replica (about 340m) of the Aucland (NZ) tower. It's the 10th tallest free standing building in the world AND the highest bungy jump: 230 meters! My Taupo jump in NZ was...47meters. You call me chicken? :-)

One more for my collection...

Don't ask, I didn't

More photos (from VIETNAM this time) soon!

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