Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tokyo days & nights (day 71)

(Where am I: In Kaori's 2.5x10meter apartment in Chofu)

(What time is it: 23:55pm, Wednesday3Dec, what am I listening to: the shower...)

Overwhelmed by images, sounds and culinary surprises (all of them positive!) I am still unable to write about all this, not due to lack of inspiration but due to lack of time... so here are some more photos from crazy, wonderful Tokyo... the rest I guess I need to tell you when I see you!

Edo museum I

Edo museum II - Aris neat the Kabuki stage

Vintage phone booth - hello can you hear me?

Small Japanese car, big Greek guy!

Jane: from rafting in Cairns Australia to Noodles in Tokyo Japan, the world is so small!

Childhood memories - AfterBurner for the MegaDrive

Standard outfit for going out in Tokyo

Meiji Temple

Meiji Temple - the duel!

Meiji Temple - another piece for my collection!

Meiji Temple - heavy lifiting

Meiji Temple

Meiji Temple - entrance

Meiji Temple (the actual thing)

Meiji Temple - big drum

Meiji Temple - The wish board!

Meiji Temple - Our wish board!

Meiji bridge - great team photo :-)

Shopping in the Hello Kitty headquarters!

Snoopy has almost a floor for himself!!!

Behave in the metro please - or just do it at home...

Tokyo tower - rush hour

Downtown - Near oopongi hills

Amazing, spectacular, surprising Tokyo girls!

Giant Post Box

Aussie hat, Japanese/Swiss Girl

Gonpachi restaurant - this is where Tarantino got the idea for the Kill Bill setup in the restaurant

Brilliant atmosphere!

Wonderful food! It's Kaori's birthday!



Damianos Serefidis said...

Na'sai kala re file! Krebati sto mege8os sou brhkes eukola? Ama exeis xrono kane kai kamia bolta se Iapwnikh opera ... h sto Kyoto pou prepei na einai magika. All the best; kai meta h Geneuh 8a einai poly mikrh gia na se xwresei!!

Evi T said...

Telika exei bre8ei akoma o an8rwpos pou de se zhleuei?