Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Big in Japan part 2 (with the Greeks)/ Day 69

(Where am I: In Kaori's 2.5x10meter apartment in Chofu, she's leaving for work)

(What time is it: 08:45am, Tuesday2Dec, what am I listening to: Japanese radio blabber)

I am back with company!! Giorgos & Aris are already here, understandably I've been way too busy to write posts, I will jsut let you imagine how it feels to see Kaori's & their familiar faces after 2 months of travel...!

Unloading the previous cont(in)ents...

Sunset over Tokyo - 47th floor

Tokyo, a small everyday city

Tokyo, a small everyday city 2

We are quite tall for our new friends!

George and Aris, searching for the Angel...

Aris vs. Fuku poisenous fish: Only one will survive!

My childhood is on a 20meter video billboard downtown Tokyo! The Space Invaders are here!!!

Asakusa with the Greeks!

With our lovely tour guide :-)

Tokyo Reunion, 2008

Aris posing at a shrine (with little dogs wearing red robes)

Beautiful Japan...

Ready to fight (at least with the wall painting)

City lights - Ginza dsitrict

Kostas in Ginza

Aris in his new Nissan super car

More Tokyo city lights!

Happy tourists!

Fashion district - the second building is an Armani, then furter down Hermes,..., you get the picture

It's all about the money...

George is Big in Japan, the proof!

Metro commuting with Kaori (and Mikey)

Loyal friends with loyal dog!

A girl full of bright ideas!


I leave you with this last shot: This is not a DVD player, not a home cinema, it is the control panel of the toilet in the restaurant... no comments!



Chris W said...

Imagine what happened if Greece decided to put those panels in toilets now. From the installation problems (plumbers cursing) to the user problems (no sh** would go down the toilet anymore).
Interesting Japanese...

Evi T said...

Ti ennoeis "way too busy to write posts"? Emeis perimenoume sparaksikardies istories antrikhs filias kai magikwn reunion. Apaitw amesh epanor8wsh! :P

- H Kaori "full of bright ideas" TA SPAEI.

- O TOO Big in Japan Teriax sto metro epishs.

- And did you find that angel or what? :)

Aaah... I hate to leave you but SOMEONE's got to work here. :P

ps - Re Arh... polu anoikonomhtos eisai! Eprepe na ftaseis sthn akrh tou kosmou gia na breis di8esio? Kala to leei h klasikh ataka - "einai polla ta lefta Arh..."


odevoted said...

Ena megalo "Geia" se olo to group apo thn Patrida!