Friday, December 5, 2008

Temples & Fun (Day 74)

(Where am I: In Kaori's 2.5x10meter apartment in Chofu)

(What time is it: 09:40am, Friday5Dec, what am I listening to: the shower...)

I guess you are expecting a text post - I can't do it - but yesterday we probably had one of the greatest days in Japan, visiting the old Japanese capital Kamakura, Temples, eating (again) great food and visiting the Park Hyatt Hotel for the traditional reunion drink! Not Lost in Translation but Lost with our best friends...

It's a straight line in order of height: Japanese family, Kostas, giraffe, George

Daibutzu Budha - wonderful!

Pause for planning the next visit!

Buddha and Greek Team

Young believer :-)

Geroge and Hello Kitty Buddha fridge magnets

Amazing colors - it's is the season for the red trees - all Japanese people come to visit the shrines.


Aris and amazing gardens at the temples

Hasedera temple...

Our guide posing over Kamakura city!

George is not happy, we got only two pieces of Dango :-)

Red everywhere...

Temple & cave

Mommy, I've been a good boy...

All of us have!

Fantastic restaurant - we ate Okonomiyaki..!

Kostas: Kaori, what does this say?

Kaori: ARIER! (Ahhahhahahah)

Just a house/restaurant in Kamakura

Who has the broader smile?!

Red Team / Greek team

Leaving the temples in sundown!

Adoring the city lights! Can you spot George and Kaori!?

NEXT STOP>> We don't know - Kaori has the day off from us so we will improvise!!!

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Anonymous said...

a re Kostako!o,ti k na sxoliasw, o,ti k na grapsw, einai peritto...sinexise esi na grafeis k na mas ta3ideveis!o sigxronos Giouliver!miss ya!se perimenoume sti Genevi!