Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mendoza and Andes Photos

Read first the text in the posting below - this way you will know more about what I am talking about!

Magnificent water feeds Mendoza

Runners Paradise (San Martin Park)

Kostas meets San Martin

You know what this is (to mark the edges of roads when snow falls) But have you seen one 4m high?

Aconcagua mountain top +7800m

Calling home (or trying...) near the border with Chile

Argentina meets Chile under snow covered border

Kostas arrives at Puente del Inca (by bus...)

Sergio explains how the hotel was wiped out
The ride back home


Hi! I'm Grace said...

travelling around the world is one of my greatest wish. thanks for these great pictures.

odevoted said...

hey easy-rider, the Andes look pretty imposing and very arid as u describe them, must be a big challenge to all daring climbers..take care of yourself