Thursday, October 23, 2008

Santiago snapshots

Sharing with you parts of my daily life in wonderful Santiago

Best 2$ ice cream I've ever had - Enromous! (Mint & coconut of course - as always) :-)

Siesta in the Park...

Santiago vista with the Andes in the background
Friendly game of checkers in downtown Santiago

My new business, shoe-repairman. My resignation is in the mail on the way to Geneva... Love, Zorba.
Hero overlooking the Cordillera (mountain range)
Amazing Santiago...
Wonderful, huge Cathedral
Plaza de Armas / Post office
Hottest police-women I've seen(boots, makeup, what more do you want?)
One of the central squares

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Claudia said...

Beard man!!! Is the second time I get into your blog, the first time I only grabbed your email... No time to read, but it is so much fun to check the pictures!

Travel safely and ENJOY TO THE MAX!