Friday, October 17, 2008

A letter from home...

A friend told me that I will start feeling a bit lonely and disconnected after I complete 21 days away in my sabbatical. Maybe he's right.
Maybe it is some people I am trying to reach and it is getting a bit difficult.
Maybe it is simply that I am so far away and there's nothing more to it. I'm posting an email I received last week from George, my father's cousin (that makes him my uncle)... I need to write a bit more about the 21-day effect but this is not the time. Until then, thanks to all of you for emailing me and checking out how I am doing...
There' still so much going on here (check the other posting below) and still so much to see!

It was about 10 a.m. in the office when the secretary called me to inform me that Ms Spyropoulou (my mom) is on the line and want to talk to me. In the beginning I got a bit worried, but when I talked to your mother and she told me not to worry, I calmed down a bit: KostasAroundTheWorld. Ok, junior, I was a bit jealous…

A while ago, on another early morning (5 a.m) in the Athens Airport, I met a couple of friends & colleagues.
Same strory: Where are you going? they asked
"I am going to Mitilini on business."
“Ah, we’re going to Uruguay to see some waterfalls”.
“Some luck people have! Me in Mitilitni, they ….”, I thought

But this today I got my revenge.
“Lena (my friend from the airport) how are you?” I asked over the phone. I went on: “You know, I just came back from Iguazu just this morning” (thanks to your little video)

With you. You are going where (or close enough) (EZE, PUQ, USH, SCL, SYD, AKL, NRT, HAN, CPT) I’ve travelled with my mind, where I’ve dedicated countless hours in front of my computer searching for flights, prices, bullet trains, boats, hotels and so on.
For me it can’t be a trip of a lifetime. (You know, my back with 23kg on it won’t make it). It’s the trip of my dreams!

Visiting Vancouver a few years ago was a dream come true as well. Thanks to your mother.

So here we are again!
Time to dedicate countless hours in front of my PC. This time to read all the stuff you are writing. The things you are living on a daily basis, wherever you are.
Nephew, you made me buy a greek-spanish-english dictionary. You owe me.

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amalia said...

Kosti - now we know...where you got your talented writing! Dear Uncle - you manage to capture all our feelings those past weeks into a few simple sentences!Thank you for that :o)