Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Welcome to Sydney!

Maybe you can't hear what I am saying but I am sure you...get the picutre!
Welcome to Sydney!


Nikos said...


Kalimera for you, kalinixta for us :)

I am glad to see you are having so much fun. This seems to be an absolutely amazing experience for you. I must say that you are quite an inspiration for my little adventure that begins soon in the US West Coast. I fly tomorrow to NY and then to San Fransisco. We have planned for a roadtrip San Fransisco-LA-Arizona/Grand Canyon-Las Vegas. Of course it looks like a joke compared to your deeds but still I hope we could live through some "unexpected" situations :)

Enjoy Aussie,

Nikos K.

PS: Since you are a bit of a "genuine" gambler, any tips for the gampling capital are more than welcome! :)

Evi T said...

Exeis GAMW TA GELIA! lololol
Kairo exw na dw toso eutuxismeno - en8ousiasmeno an8rwpo!
You made me smile on a difficult day - thank you. :)